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PD-Online Basics Profile Report

Format: Online
Date: 2018, 2022
SKU: CLPD-0020-4

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PD-Online Basics Profile Report

Product Description

PD Basics™ was created with lower English literacy skills in mind.  It was painstakingly edited, reviewed, re-edited, and reviewed many times over to bring it to a reasonable and consistent grade level;  It falls somewhere between a grade 4 -5 on the Flesch–Kincaid readability test.  It uses the same concepts, and some of the same terminology at the original Personality Dimensions® assessment, but removes the colloquialisms, and slang terms that can be difficult to understand for adults who are learning English, or have lower literacy skills.

The PD Basics™ Profile Report is a comprehensive, 8 page portrait that captures your clients’ preferences   PD Basics Online™ has all the same parts as the paper-based assessment, but with four additional sections that look at Getting Along With the four personalities, Problems Caused By, Rewarding each of the personalities, and descriptions of Preferred Work Environments.

Are you working with students or youth?  There’s a version that works better – PD for Youth.

Click here for English Sample Report (PDF)

Click here for French Sample Report (PDF)

PD-Online Basics Profile Report


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