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PD for Youth™ Online

Format: Online
Date: 2019
SKU: CLPD-0020-5

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PD for Youth™ Online

Product Description

The PD for Youth™ Profile Report was designed to be used with youth up to the age of 25. The content is contextually different from the adult resources. Paired with specific PD for Youth™ Dimension Cards looking at Life Values, With Friends and Family, Learning, as well as an optional At Work Card along with the standard Picture Cards, this 8 page report better speaks to teenagers in high school as well as young adults. PD for Youth Online™ expands upon the paper-based assessment and features five additional sections that look at Getting Along with the four personalities, Problems Caused By, Rewarding each of the personalities, as well as descriptions of preferred Work and Learning Environments.

Click here for Sample Report [PDF]

PD for Youth™ Online


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