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PD Basics Dimensions Cards – Life Values (English Version)

Format: 4 cards on perforated page
Date: 2021
SKU: CLPD-1012-1

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PD Basics Dimensions Cards – Life Values (English Version)

Product Description

PD Basics is designed to meet two needs: to be easily interpreted by individuals for whom English is a second language, and for working with those with limited reading abilities. Additionally, PD Basics was also successfully field-tested with unemployed youth in the 16-24 age bracket and high-lower functioning adults. The concepts presented are more easily understood and every effort has been made to reduce and/or eliminate idioms that might be problematic.

These materials have the look and feel of the regular Personality Dimensions® materials and can be readily integrated into a program that includes adults or older youth. The Picture Cards used with PD Basics are the same as those for the regular version and the presentation follows the format outlined in Building Blocks or any of the Toolkits. The PD Basics handout that accompanies the PD Basics Participant Packs is a three panel information piece that describes the Core Needs, Characteristics, Likes, Needs, Skills, Strengths and Potential Weaknesses for each of the four colours and provides a brief synopsis of Extraversion/Introversion preferences.

PD Basics materials*:

PD Basics Dimensions Cards:

  • PD Basics Life Values
  • PD Basics In Communications
  • PD Basics At Work
  • PD Basics In Relationships
  • PD Basics In Conflict

PD Basics Participant Packs include one each of:

  • Where does your energy come from? (Extraversion/Introversion Quiz)
  • Scoring Sheet
  • Traits and Characteristics
  • PD Basics handout take-home booklet (consumable)

* to be used in conjunction with Personality Dimensions® Picture Cards

PD Basics Dimensions Cards – Life Values (English Version)


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