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COPES – Online

Format: Online

10 -99 – $7.00 each
100 – 499
– $6.50 each
500 + – $6.00 each

Please note that when purchasing COPES Online assessments CLSR must co-ordinate with the publisher, EdITS, to have credits added to your EAP account. This is usually completed the same business day, or next business day if ordered outside of our office hours.


COPES – Online

Product Description

–  Range: Grades 6 – 12, College and Adult
–  Length: 128 items
–  Norms: High School and College combined
–  Administration Time: 20 – 30 minutes
–  Scoring Options: Web-based version – instant scoring

COPES provides comprehensive measurement of work values for use in career planning. COPES weighs both ends of the continuum and may be easily interpreted for vocational counselling purposes. Eight fundamental values are used as the basis for COPES:
–  Investigative vs. Accepting
–  Orderliness vs. Flexibility
–  Practical vs. Carefree
–  Recognition vs. Privacy
–  Independence vs. Conformity
–  Aesthetic vs. Realistic
–  Leadership vs. Supportive
–  Social vs. Reserved

The results of the test are desplayed in the profile and the scores are related to specific occupational clusters. Provides vital information for use in career exploration courses, industrial or educational counselling and in encouraging self-awareness.

COPES Online is a career values assessment delivered in one efficient and convenient assessment platform.

Results are available immediately and may be viewed by the examinee, their counsellor, the site administrator or a supervisor, depending on the administrative structure you choose. You may request that your account be set up to suppress an examinee’s results until released by their administrator.

Click here for the COPSystem Online Administrator Guide and to watch a short video about the EAP (EdITS Assessment Platform).

When purchasing COPES Online, a minimum of 10 administrations is required.

COPES – Online


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