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Okay, I know that you are thinking. Nope, that’s not it.

I recently read some interesting articles from TED.com about the advantages of dating online. Dating apps give you control of the process. The ability to identify your personal preferences allows you to filter efficiently through the dating pool. Scrolling through the profiles of prospective dates, you only will need about thirty seconds to know whether you want to click on one of them.

Same with the Personality Dimensions® Toolkits series. You have control of your workshop composition. You can decide in a short minute if this click is relevant. And they are easy to use. I use them A LOT. Interchangeably. Yes, I constantly use activities from different Toolkits into my workshops.

Still thinking this is a stretch? Let me give you four examples based on our Personality Dimensions® Retirement workshops where I’ve used several activities from other toolkit activities to strengthen my presentations.

  1. From the Work/Life Balance Toolkit:  In my retirement workshops, I have found that participants are either beginning to wind down or have already moved from a full time career to a retirement life.  How do they transition from go-go-go to stillness? We offer several activities from the Work/Life Balance Toolkit:  Time to Relax, Wellness Potion, and using the Balanced … or not.
  2. From the Team Building Toolkit:  Once they leave the workplace, I have found that many retirees need to develop a new social network. I have tweaked the Success Teams activity on providing structure to achieve goals. Using the concept from Barbara Sher’s book, Teamworks!, Building Support Groups that Guarantee Success, I’ve incorporated the Idea/Resource Party – networking and learning how to get there.
  3. From the Career Building Toolkit:  Starting Retirement is like starting a new career, so why wouldn’t you want to Do What You Love in this third quarter. Lots of opportunities to use many activities, with some minor tweaks.
  4. From the Conflict Management Toolkit:  Consider using some of the tips for this Toolkit into Relationships in Retirement segment.  All of a sudden, it’s not just holidays and weekends, but spending 24/7 with significant others. Additionally, role conflicts and differing expectations are bound to happen when one partner has retired and the other is still involved in paid work.

Swipe Right for casual hook-ups ➔➔➔ using activities that will be supportive and helpful to what you are presenting.

Swipe Right for long-term relationships ➔➔➔ using tried and true activities which maintain the brand integrity of your workshop.

This one swipe can open a world of possibilities, bringing different energies to your workshop. It can give you new insights and achieve better outcomes. It gives your participants more ways to self-discover. Your ability to mix it up and customize is why they’ll keep coming back.

It is astonishing to me how many resources are available in the Personality Dimensions® Toolkits series. The experience of mixing it up and drawing from different Toolkits has opened my eyes to more ways to deliver high-impact customized workshops. It’s pretty cool.

It’s up to you to take the next step in growing your business.

So, Swipe Right to connect!


Susan Patterson is a Personality Dimensions® Master Trainer, Business Owner, Career & Vocational Coach, Retirement Coach, Author, and Workshop Facilitator. She is the author of Virtually Everything – A Building Blocks Companion Guide and owner of SPG Consulting. She can be contacted through: SPGConsultingGroup.com or on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/susan-patterson9352663/

Tell us in the comments below your favourite “off label” uses for the activities in the Personality Dimensions® Toolkits series. Does an activity in Learning Styles & Strategies work well in Leadership training? Maybe an activity in Customer Service, Marketing & Sales is just right for a front-line healthcare team. Share your favourites with us.