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Virtually Everything – A Building Blocks Companion Guide (Digital Download)

Author: Susan Patterson
Contributing Editor: Tref Alun
Format: Digital Download –  PDF 55 pgs, PowerPoint, Handouts
Date: 2021
SKU: CLPD-0051-5DL

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Virtually Everything – A Building Blocks Companion Guide (Digital Download)

Product Description

Are you hesitating to give a Personality Dimensions® introductory workshop online?

Virtually Everything is a step-by-step guide to designing and delivering an effective virtual Personality Dimensions® introductory workshop. It provides facilitators with tips on how to run an online Personality Dimensions® introductory workshop successfully and with confidence, in conjunction with their Building Blocks facilitator guide.

Need more reasons? Virtual workshops

  • can be accessed from any device
  • keep things simple
  • are available to anyone, anywhere.
  • are cost effective

The guide provides you with five easy steps outlining your pre-work and setup. ‘The Big Day’ section walks you through enriched training materials, loads of helpful internet sites and slides unique to a virtual program.

Susan also shares with you her personal virtual experiences and suggestions on how to keep your sessions interactive, fun and enjoyable for both you and your participants.

Facilitators can adapt the contents of this virtual introductory workshop to suit the time frame and needs analysis of their audience. Handouts and PowerPoint presentation for the virtual introductory session are included.

Virtually Everything – A Building Blocks Companion Guide (Digital Download)


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