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COPS II Summary Guide

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COPS II Summary Guide

Product Description

–  Range: Grades 4 – 12
–  Norms: High School
–  Administration Time:
–  COPS II (interests) – 20 Minutes
–  CAPS (abilities) – 50 Minutes
–  COPES (values) – 30 Minutes
–  Scoring Options: Self-scoring in 45-60 minutes to score all three assessments

–  You Will Also Need:
–  COPS II Self-Scoring Booklet & Self-Interpretation Guide
–  CAPS Self-Scoring Booklet
and / or
–  COPES Self-Scoring Booklet

The COPS II Summary Guide is used to plot the combined results when using two or more of the COPS II, CAPS and COPES assessments with a single participant. It combines the participants interests, abilities and values. Interpretation of these measures is organized around an easy-to-use group of occupational clusters which represent possible jobs found in the COPS II Self-Scoring Booklet & Self-Interpretation Guide, and further sample occupations in the COPS II Manual. Results correspond to major sources of occupational information, related activities, skills needed, college majors, school planning, and available training programs.

COPS II Summary Guide


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