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COPS II Combined Self-Scoring Booklet & Self-Interpretive Guide

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COPS II Combined Self-Scoring Booklet & Self-Interpretive Guide

Product Description

–  Range: Grades 4 – 12
–  Norms: Elementary, Middle, and High School
–  Administration Time: 20-30 minutes
–  Scoring Options: Self-scoring 15 to 20 minutes

–   You May Also Need:
–  COPS II Summary Guide to use COPS II along with CAPS and/or COPES

– Comprehensive Interest Assessment for Students
– Extend career assessment to elementary school students
– Work with older students who have reading or motivational difficulties
– Use with special education population

The COPS Intermediate Inventory (COPS II) provides a measure of interests based on knowledge of school subjects and activities common to students in the fourth grade and higher. Along with the Inventory, each COPS II Booklet contains scoring instructions and interpretive information. This information allows students to explore career clusters that correspond to their interest scores. Each cluster contains practical suggestions for future high school/college classes and activities to gain relevant work experience. The COPS II is appropriate for elementary and middle school students, as well as older students with reading or academic difficulties.

COPS II Combined Self-Scoring Booklet & Self-Interpretive Guide


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