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In today’s world of work, people are changing jobs more frequently than ever. Entire industries are constantly re-shaping, and new jobs are created all the time. The Skills & Values Report allows career professionals to help their clients identify what they are good at doing, and the kind of work environment where they will succeed. The information uncovered in the Report demonstrates that there are many different jobs that share the same sets of skills and values.

The Skills & Values Report is a collaboration between CLSR Inc. and The Winnipeg Transition Centre – The latest development from a relationship that goes back over 20 years.  Previous collaborations include: The Values & Skills Action Planner, and The Career Activity Planner. Both are resources that aim to help jobseekers and job changers find, and succeed in, their careers.

Based on the popular Values & Skills Assessment Cards, The Skills & Values Report guides individuals through a series of statements to identify their skills, and categorize them under: Like to Do; Would Like to Learn; and Don’t Like to Do categories; and an additional series of statements that help identify Values are then categorized under: Strongly Value; Value at Times; and Don’t Value.

After completing the assessment, clients are able to discover their top work values, as well as their strongest transferable skills, and see how they relate to the Skills for Success identified by Employment & Social Development Canada. Through this self-discovery process, clients will become more aware of their personal values and the transferable skills that they already possess, providing two important dimensions to their work and career path exploration.

For jobseekers, it is important to look beyond the types of jobs they are interested in, but also consider the things they are good at, and the kind of work environment they are most comfortable in. Understanding where their transferable skills can be used in different careers, opens up new opportunities previously not considered. Pairing that knowledge with the values associated with a job role helps lead to long-term career happiness and success.

Brad Whitehorn, CCDP – Associate Director, CLSR Inc.

The Skills & Values Report is available exclusively from CLSR Inc. on the CLSRassessments.com platform. Career Development Professionals interested in using this new tool with their clients can contact CLSR Inc. for a free trial. A sample results report can be found at: https://www.clsr.ca/product/skills-values-report-savr/