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Values & Skills Action Planner (VSAP)

Format: Online, 29 page report

1 – 9:           $9.95 each
10 – 49:      $8.95 each
50 – 99:      $8.25 each
100 +          $7.50 each


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Values & Skills Action Planner (VSAP)

Product Description

The Values & Skills Action Planner combines the best of two great resources; the Values & Skills Assessment Cards, and the Career Activity Planner workbook.  This online report provides far more than results; it is a self-exploration guide to next steps, including identifying transferable skills and setting short and long-term, realistic goals, along possible career pathways.

Clients start by exploring their values by virtually sorting a series of cards listing different work values into three categories:  Strongly Value; Value at Times; and Don’t Value. They then move onto doing the same for a series of cards listing a variety of skills, and placing them into: Like to Do; Would Like to Learn, and Don’t Like to Do categories.

With results from the Values and Skills assessment in hand, clients use the rest of the report as a workbook for:

  • Assessing individual attributes and how they relate to employment
  • Assessing values: what you don’t value is just as important as what you do value
  • Listing transferable skills that can be used in future careers/jobs
  • Rediscovering talents and accomplishments
  • Looking at life experiences and considering how they have impacted job choices
  • Producing a list of employment options
  • Creating a concrete plan to enter into a chosen field
  • Identifying and working around any barriers
  • Developing a plan that will include short- and long-term realistic goals

The report/workbook can be viewed and filled out on a computer, tablet, and other devices, or printed out. Clients can then continuously refer back to, and revise it throughout their career development journey.

Click here for Sample Report (PDF)

Values & Skills Action Planner (VSAP)


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