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Strategic Leader Assessment Online

Author: Alexander Hiam
Format: Online. 21 page report
Date: 2018

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Strategic Leader Assessment Online

Product Description

Strategic Leader is fast becoming the new standard for 4-quadrant supervisory leadership assessments. This modular training program is easy to use and enables anyone to quickly and effectively teach managers how to become better leaders. Participants take the assessment and conduct exercises to learn their own natural leadership style, learn new leadership styles and learn how to appropriately choose the correct leadership style for any given situation.

Supervisors that are having special challenges with certain co-workers or direct reports can invite others to provide direct feedback on how they exercise strategic leadership strategies. This feedback can help leaders obtain a more accurate view of how they manage others. With SLA online there is no additional charge to add other rater data to the self assessment process. Supervisors simply type in email addresses online for the people they want feedback from and the online system does the rest.  If the trainer or online administrator prefers to control who is invited to rate a manager they can do this also.

The comprehensive online feedback report includes:

  • Graphical color report of your dominant and least used styles.
  • A rating of your flexibility using multiple strategies/styles.
  • The effectiveness with which you select a strategy for a situation.
  • Summary learning narrative on each strategy.
  • How to measure an employees capacity to perform.
  • How to select the best strategy.
  • Exercises to apply Strategic Leader techniques with a specific employee.
  • How to follow up with employees who are put on a developmental track.
  • Integration of the Strategic Leader model with the employee development cycle.

Strategic Leader Assessment Online


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