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Leadership Development Report (LDR)

Format: Online. 17 page report

Price: $125.00 each

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Leadership Development Report (LDR)

Product Description

Best For:

  • Consultants who are looking for a comprehensive and candid profile of leadership development
  • Leaders who want to improve their performance on critical leadership competencies

What is the LDR?

The Leadership Development Report (LDR) is a personality-based assessment designed for leaders wishing to improve managerial and executive performance. The comprehensive report features results in the form of percentile scores on 25 personality dimensions paired with development advice. The LDR can be used as a coaching tool to support leadership development and performance or as a career development tool for MBA and executive development programs.

Why Should I Use the LDR?

CONVENIENT. The LDR can be administered in 40 minutes on SIGMA’s online platform – SigmaTesting.com. Reports are generated immediately. Results are presented using graphs, percentile scores, scale descriptions, and brief tips for development advice.

IDENTIFY LEADERSHIP STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES. Over 30 years of research have identified the personality dimensions that predict leadership performance. The assessments that comprise the foundation of the LDR, the Jackson Personality Inventory – Revised (JPI-R)Personality Research Form (PRF), and the Survey of Work Styles (SWS), are among the most widely researched personality assessments in existence—over 2000 published research articles reference one or more of these assessments. The LDR items were selected with high-performing managers and executives in mind.

PROMOTES DEVELOPMENT. The advice provided in the LDR report helps the test taker optimize their leadership effectiveness in a range of important areas. The LDR capitalizes on the test taker’s personality profile to maximize leadership strengths, allowing an individual to work and manage more effectively given their unique set of personality characteristics.

Administration Overview

Qualification Level: B
Administer to: 18 years old and older
Administration time: 40 minutes

Leadership Development Report (LDR)


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