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Author: Carole Cameron
Format: Paperback, 108pgs
Date: 2009
SKU: CLS-422505



Product Description

Sp!ash is a slightly irreverent look at introversion, with a very practical goal. It will help you reach the personal and professional success you dream of. Tired of missing out on opportunities, recognition or relationships? Sp!ash is a “Boot Camp for Introverts” who want to get more things out of life, while remaining true to your nature. Sp!ash is based on input from real-life introverts: clients and workshop participants, as well as exhaustive research. It’s a hands-on exploration of what you want, what’s getting in your way and practical strategies for forming new habits and attitudes.

  • Wear The Suit That Shows Your Best Stuff: How to identify and showcase your strengths
  • Swim to the Other Side of the Pool: Learn ways to make memorable connections with others in your world
  • Do Your Best Dive First: How to create desirable first impressions
  • Bring A Life Preserver: Be more in control of the energy you have to expend
  • Find a New Pond: Make BIG changes in your life!



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