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Great Parenting Skills For Navigating Your Kid’s Personality

Author: Kate Jones, M.Ed, Wayne Jones M.Ed
Format: Paperback 174pgs
Date: 2015/2017
SKU: CLS-422550


Great Parenting Skills For Navigating Your Kid’s Personality

Product Description

Do you sometimes wonder if your child is trying to drive you crazy? Or do you sometimes ask the question, “Why can’t they be more like me?”?

Great Parenting Skills for Navigating Your Kid’s Personality (GPS) is the product of the authors’ parenting workshops on the four temperaments/colours that help parents understand better ‘what makes our kid tick.’ The book acts as a Roadmap (…or GPS!) that provides effective parenting techniques geared to your child’s specific and natural way of behaving, while promoting positive self-esteem. It supports the notion that every child has great potential ready to be unlocked.

Based on the theory behind Personality Dimensions®, GPS is fun, easy-to-read and filled with real-life stories and anecdotes to help you identify what each temperament wants and what gets in the way. This book provides practical strategies for raising children in a positive environment that enhances your kid’s specific nature. – ‘Yummy’? or ‘Yucky’ – Ready! Set! Start Your Engines! – Destination: Disney – GPS For Your Parenting Journey Preferences – GPS for Your Children’s Journey – GPS for Bumps Along The Way – GPS for Positive Communication on Your Journey – GPS For Introverts & Extraverts on Your Journey – GPS for Creating Positive Home Learning Environments – The Final GPS Coordinates Are Yours!

“Brilliant! People often say they wish that children came with an instruction manual. Well this is about as close as it comes to granting that wish. A delightful and insightful guidebook, jam-packed with practical scenarios and strategies. A must-read for parents who really want to create the most joyful journey for themselves and their kids.”

~Carole Cameron, Author: Splash! An Introvert’s Guide to Being Seen Heard and Remembered


“I read GPS for Navigating Your Kids Personality cover to cover and can’t wait to recommend it to my clients, my friends, and my grown children. The extended GPS metaphor drives home powerful insights into some key individual differences in children, parents, and grandparents. It is easy to read and full of really helpful tips for parenting, learning, and communication. Even after 40 years of studying temperament differences, I found myself learning even more.”

~Linda Berens, Ph.D., Founder, Linda Berens Institute, Developer of Human Agility Mapping and Author of Interaction Essentials, Three Keys to Effective Relationships in the Workplace and Beyond and the Understanding Yourself and Others Series. www.lindaberens.com


“How many parents have lamented that there is no rulebook to guide us? In this wonderful resource, authors Kate and Wayne Jones seamlessly integrate the wisdom of personality theorists, their own life experiences as parents and grandparents, their rich professional expertise as educators and trainers, the creative insights of children as recorded in journal writing, and familiar examples from beloved Disney characters. This easy-to-read but hard-to-forget book will delight, inspire, and equip parents, educators, and others involved in guiding children to celebrate personality differences. The GPS in Great Parenting Skills for Navigating Your Kid’s Personality is sure to become a favourite resource as you work to help the children in your life reach their own unique potential.”

~Dr. Roberta Neault, Personality Dimensions Master Trainer, President of Life Strategies Ltd., Associate Dean, Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, Yorkville University

Great Parenting Skills For Navigating Your Kid’s Personality


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