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Soft Skills Solutions Series

Author: Ann Cross and Martha Lanaghen
Format: 10-book series, most are 48 pages in length
Date: 2021
SKU: JST-444005


Soft Skills Solutions Series

Product Description

Job seekers who have difficulty finding and keeping jobs may lack the soft skills required to effectively handle workplace situations and meet employers’ expectations.

This updated and enhanced series of books provides guidance, self-assessments, and practice opportunities to help job seekers and learners develop these essential skills. Educators, workforce practitioners, and counsellors have flexibility to use the complete series to provide comprehensive coverage or individual books to focus on specific soft skills.

Topics include:

Content Features

  • Self-Assessments provide individuals with insight into their own strengths and weaknesses to start building a plan for improvement.
  • Thinking Breaks encourage individuals to reflect on their own experiences and perspectives.
  • Topic-opening objectives help individuals clearly define the goals of each topic.
  • Apply the Skills activities challenge individuals to apply and practice the newly learned soft skills.
  • Informative sidebars highlight additional information related to each topic.

Soft Skills Solutions Series


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