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Lead With Integrity! – Leadership & Ethicsl

Author: Ann Cross, Martha Lanaghen
Format: Paperback
Date: 2014
SKU: JST-579616

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Lead With Integrity! – Leadership & Ethicsl

Product Description

The Soft Skills Solutions program helps individuals develop the critical soft skills needed for getting hired quickly, being career ready, and staying employed. This booklet, available in packages of 10 or individually, teaches readers how to:

–  Assess your goal-setting skills
–  Set goals to achieve career success
–  Influence your team members with a positive attitude
–  Get noticed by maintaining a positive attitude

Throughout the booklet, individuals will complete exercises and activities, including:

–  Workbook Thinking Breaks
These thought-provoking questions require reflection and honesty. These critical-thinking exercises help individuals identify their own opinions and beliefs relating to specific aspects of employment success.
–  Self-Assessment Activities
Individuals will assess their current soft skill level, gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses, and obtain strategies for self-improvement.
–  Applying the Skills Activities
After learning about a particular skill, individuals are prompted to apply that skill in real-world scenarios. The booklet encourages individuals to complete these exercises daily until skill mastery has been achieved.

Lead With Integrity! – Leadership & Ethicsl


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