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Dealing With Conflict 360 Feedback

Author: Alexander Hiam
Format: 8.5 x 11 six-panel foldout with 6 feedback forms
Date: 1999
SKU: HRD-5506-6

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Dealing With Conflict 360 Feedback

Product Description

Good negotiation skills are not something you are born with; they are a learned skill. Even the best negotiators who have had no formal training have learned their negotiation skills through trial and error. Unfortunately for you, your business cannot afford to allow employees to learn negotiation skills on the job. The normal negotiating behaviour, as typically practiced in business and social contexts, does not generally produce high levels of satisfaction for either participant. Use of the Dealing with Conflict Instrument (DWCI) will help change the outcome by getting participants to shift to a more collaborative conflict style, creating a win/win outcome.

The Dealing with Conflict Instrument presents five conflict styles – accommodate, avoid, compromise, compete, and collaborate. By completing the DWCI, you will learn about your own natural style tendencies; using the 360-Degree Feedback Set can give you insight into how you are perceived by others when resolving conflicts. The combined results of can indicate which styles of conflict resolution need the most improvement. Explore the characteristics of each conflict style, which will help you develop greater style flexibility. Learn how to dissect conflict situations using conflict analysis, deciding which style is best for a given situation and thus greatly affect the outcome.

Product Information
Dealing with Conflict is a significant improvement over conventional conflict assessments. Its quick deployment and clear user friendly results, make this instrument a great stand alone tool or an integral part of any existing training program.

A conflict assessment and training tool designed to teach you the skills necessary to consistently turn conflict into productive opportunities.


  • Participants learn to solve conflict problems by negotiating the issues more frequently to a win/win conclusion
  • By using methods posed in Dealing with Conflict, organizations will see attitudes toward conflict change to a proactive problem solving approach
  • Teams work together more effectively, and wherever conflict might flair in the future, a new perspective can be brought to bear
  • Participants become more competent and more confident handling conflict, reducing workplace stress, which is linked to lower productivity


  • Easy to administer and self score in just 10 minutes
  • Participants learn their dominant conflict style
  • Participants learn when it’s most appropriate to use the 5 conflict styles
  • Participants become more flexible in conflict situations by learning that one approach is not optimal in all situations
  • Modular Trainer’s Guide provides options for using the assessment within other training or as the focal point of a 1-day conflict workshop

Dealing With Conflict 360 Feedback


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