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Assessing Barriers to Education (ABE)

Author: John J. Liptak, Ed.D.
Format: 6 panel foldout pkg/25
Date: 2008
SKU: JST-576141

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Assessing Barriers to Education (ABE)

Product Description

More education leads to better employment opportunities and greater career success. This assessment helps individuals identify major barriers to furthering their education. It also offers suggestions for overcoming those barriers and helps individuals decide on the right educational and career path.

Assessing Barriers to Education (ABE) is simple to take and can be easily scored and interpreted. Each assessment contains 40 statements that describe a person’s barriers to educational attainment. Each statement asks the test taker to describe his or her main concerns about working to attain further education. ABE also includes scoring directions, a scoring profile, an interpretation guide, suggestions for overcoming specific barriers, and space to develop personal plans for furthering one’s education.

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Assessing Barriers to Education (ABE)


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