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Career Dimensions Online

Format: Online
Date: 2014/2016
SKU: CLPD-0020-2


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Career Dimensions Online

Product Description

Career Dimensions Online focuses on individual work preferences. Unlike many career assessment instruments, Career Dimensions explores the actual work environment in which clients are most comfortable by examining a variety of areas, including: the natural talents brought to work, values, major job stressors, work philosophy and definition of success.

This easy-to-understand survey is based on the Personality Dimensions system and draws on the research and development that created that model. The personalized 13 page report includes lists of suggested occupations with NOC codes (exclusive to Career Dimensions Online), and a section for setting goals and creating next steps along their career path.

The lists of suggested occupations were compiled based on a wealth of previously published materials on type and temperament work preferences and the population statistics that have been compiled since the publication of Personality Dimensions®. Career Dimensions Online is very user friendly and is designed for use wherever a quick, effective, yet inexpensive work place assessment will enhance the job search process, e.g.: job search programs, youth employment programs as well as career and co-op offices.

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Career Dimensions Online


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