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At the end of each year, I always take a look back to try to figure out how the time managed to fly by so quickly, and what we did while it was zipping past. Yes, 2021 was remarkable in many, many ways, but instead of reflecting on what was, I prefer to focus on what’s ahead – what we’re working on, who we’re working with, where we’re showing up on the globe and what areas do we need to work on next to best support our facilitators and career development professionals. In no particular order, here goes…

In January we launched Your Personality Unlocked, the latest publication by Anne Bulstrode and Susan Geary. The virtual launch was a lovely success and it was so nice to “see” so many people again; thanks to everyone who took the time to attend. The book has a slightly different approach to Personality Dimensions. In fact, it’s too basic for qualified facilitators; rather, it was purposely written as a general introduction – the book you give someone who is interested in what you do but doesn’t know anything about it – it’s the book you give away!

We’ve had a lot of feedback from career development professionals who have used the Values & Skills Assessment Planner (VSAP) report – it’s a gem and we’re delighted that you like it so well. However, some of you have mentioned that you really like, and want, the information that it provides but it’s too long to fully incorporate into your existing program. So we, along with the very welcome help from an expert in the field, are working on an abbreviated version, the Skills and Values Report, that will also be launched in the near future.

As well, in the very near future, look for a new book by Sandra Summerhayes, Choosing Happiness at Work, to be in print as well as Kindle.

Now it’s your turn. We need your help. We’re working on creating a Basics version of Career Dimensions. I need the input of a few Personality Dimensions® facilitators who work with individuals who would benefit from having a Basics version of this assessment to help us create this tool at a level that it would be able to help their clients. We are also expanding our French materials, and need some help with making sure we got it right. If either of these are something that you’re interested in being involved with, please contact us at info@clsr.ca.

And, last, but not least, we’re looking at revising the Personality Dimensions® website. Our goal is to have it as a resource that you can use with your clients, as well as a communication portal for you. So… what would you like to see on it?

Still energized by all the possibilities, even after 48 years working in the field!

Yours … from the back office,

Denise Hughes