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Career Dimensions™ made its first appearance at the Talking in Colour conference in 2005, and was immediately a hit with Personality Dimensions® facilitators working in career development. Based on statistics submitted by facilitators, Career Dimensions™ has helped thousands of individuals make great career decisions by discovering their work values. The career and job listings found in Career Dimensions™, have been continuously checked against statistics from Personality Dimensions® workshops, keeping it relevant and up to date. When Career Dimensions™ was made available online, we added the NOC codes to help with further career exploration.

Based on feedback from the professionals who use Career Dimensions™ with their clients regularly, we’ve made some exciting new changes to the online report. You’ll notice that the report is now much easier to read. However, the biggest change is the switch to the 2021 NOC, which has been officially implemented today! Read more about the changes to the NOC here: https://noc.esdc.gc.ca/

Career/work options shown in Career Dimensions™ now follow the NOC organizational structure with an expanded list of example careers. This makes it easier when you’re delivering Career Dimensions™ to a group, or if you have clients who aren’t clear on their primary dimension. Download a sample report here, and see the dynamic changes for yourself.

…but that’s not all!

Career Dimensions Basics report

We’ve taken everything we know about Career Dimensions™, and Personality Dimensions® Basics, and combined them to create Career Dimensions™ Basics!  Career Dimensions™ Basics has the same great information and look as the new Career Dimensions™ report, but is written at a lower reading level to be more inclusive. Coming in at around a grade 4 reading level on the Flesch–Kincaid readability scale, this assessment and report is geared towards clients who have lower literacy skills in English, or are new language learners. Download a sample report here, and see for yourself.

If you already have a CLSRassessments.com account, these two new reports are already waiting for you on your dashboard. If you don’t have an online account yet, get in touch with us, and we’ll get you started with a complimentary credit of EACH Personality Dimensions® report.

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