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PD-Online Professional Report

Format: Online
Date: 2014/2016
SKU: CLPD-0020-1

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PD-Online Professional Report

Product Description

Just a quick glance through the 24 pages of the PD-Online Professional Report will point out many of the important features extended descriptions on the Needs and Values; Strengths and Potential Challenges of each colour preference and a description of each preference at work, both as a Leader and as an Employee. There are also tips for working with each colour preference sections on stresses, what the stressed person looks like and ways they can overcome stress. And great quick reference charts on How to Read and Communicate With? each colour preference are among the many features.

This PD Online Professional Report, written by the authors of Colour Savvy, Anne Bulstrode and Susan Geary, is information that is essential for creating understanding of self and others, and an incredibly powerful tool to help support qualified Personality Dimensions facilitators and their work within organizations.

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PD-Online Professional Report


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