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The value of being happy at work cannot be overstated. We spend too much of our time at work to not be happy while we are there. When we are not happy at work, it will inevitably spread to our personal lives, which in turn affects those around us. So, what does happiness at work actually look like? From a temperament perspective, we can look at it in general terms, but each one of us is an individual. As individuals, we all have different wants and desires that would make us truly happy. In my book Choosing Happiness at Work: Stories from Truly Happy People, I interviewed 10 people who I have found and who agree to be genuinely happy in their jobs. I have summarized my findings in the acronym below:

                Have a good sense of self

                Appreciate the uniqueness in everyone

                Passion is crucial and leads to a positive, collaborative culture

                Playfulness should play a role in the workday

                Inspect your own values often

                Navigate change with flexibility and optimism

                Emotionally intelligent people are happier and more resilient

                Serve others including your peers, staff, clients and community

                See the good in each day

Take a few moments and really reflect on what makes you happy at work, and then spend some time doing that each day. Regardless of what makes people happy, there is one common theme that came up with each person I interviewed: Happiness is a choice to be made each day!

Sandra is a Master Trainer, Certified Training Professional, Certified Laughter Leader, Certified Coach Practitioner and one of only 3 Thiagi Certified Trainers in Canada. She also holds certifications in Teaching Adults, Human Resources, Level 3 Personality Dimensions® Master Trainer, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator®, Emotional Intelligence and DISC®.

Sandra grew up in Port Colborne and now lives on the sunny shores of Lake Erie in Wainfleet, Ontario with her awesome husband (and illustrator of her book) Chris. For more information on what Sandra can do for you and your team, please visit: www.sandrasummerhayes.com.