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As many CLSR clients are already aware, we are huge supporters of Canadian sourced materials and training opportunities that may be known regionally but not nationally. For many years now we have had a great relationship with the Winnipeg Transition Centre, a non-profit charitable organization established in 1989 by its founder, the late Ron Bartlette.  The WTC has also been providing professional development training since 1999 and while these programs are well known in many parts of Canada, you may be interested in learning more about what they offer. So here, in the words of Tracey Ediger, Program Manager of the WTC is a brief description of their programs.

The training division of the WTC, Active Learning Works, began its first collaborative partnership with the University of Winnipeg to offer the Career/Employment Coach Certificate Program in 2001.  Shortly after, a second agreement was struck with Humber College to provide the same training program in Ontario.  In 2005, the 5-day Practical Workshop Facilitation Skills Certificate Program was introduced through both educational institutes.  Through these 2 Certificate Programs, thousands of professionals have been trained across Canada in the Maritime Provinces, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and the Northwest Territories.

The Career/Employment Coach Certificate is comprised of four, 2-day modules.  This includes Resume Development, Job Search, Career Planning and Interview Skills Coach sessions.  In June 2020, this program was successfully converted to be offered virtually.  The program focuses on enhancing the coaching skills and techniques of the participants in order to become more effective in assisting their own clients.  Professionals already in and individuals seeking to enter into the employment/career development industry would benefit.  Successful attendance and completion of Final Assignments for each workshop entitles the participant to receive the Final Certificate from the University of Winnipeg and Humber College.  This Certificate Program is recognized as interactive and hands-on training that allows the participant to immediately put the techniques learned into use in their own workplace.

Here is what a recent workshop participant had to say about the training:

“The workshop heightened my awareness and reiterated the importance of working with and guiding the client through the development of their own action plan, so that it is meaningful to them.  The training provided applicable strategies and creative approaches that can be used in a variety of settings.”

Our 5-day Practical Workshop Facilitation Skills Certificate Program is designed to assist individuals in becoming more effective in engaging groups.  This training can cross into any industry and benefit those who conduct presentations, lead team meetings, and instruct/facilitate group workshops and/or training sessions.  The training session is limited to 9 participants and takes them through 15 Behavioural Components, which are incorporated in various activities and modeled by the Trainer.  Each day, participants learn to develop lesson plans and conduct presentations on a variety of topics, receiving feedback from the Lead Facilitator as well as their peers.

As this training is intense, it can invoke a life-changing experience as the following testimonial relates:

“Every day I woke up eager to go to the workshop, excited about what I would learn today and how we were going to learn it.  The comradery amongst my fellow classmates was growing by the day and the material was useful and exciting.  The training was shaping us into better people and facilitators and opened my eyes to what could be accomplished.  I can’t wait to try and build off the behavioral components to make it into a successful learning experience for my own groups.  This experience was so much more than just a workshop, you leave a better person, more aware of all that goes into teaching rather than speaking at our learners.”

The first virtual session of this Certificate Program was recently delivered in April 2021 and was well received.

Shortened versions of the 5-day facilitation training are available in the 3-day Facilitating with Purpose, the 2-day Facilitation Fundamentals and the 1-day Facilitation: Engage Now workshops.  Registration is available in open workshops or we offer closed in-house sessions tailored to your company’s needs.

For more information on these training programs and how to register for upcoming workshops or arrange for specific training, please visit our website at www.winnipegtransitioncentre.com or send an email to info@winnipegtransitioncentre.com.