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Work Search Strategies

Author: ASPECT, Julia Trachsel
Format: Binder
Date: 2003
SKU: CONASP-6453-4

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Work Search Strategies

Product Description

This curriculum holds a wealth of information and activities for researching, planning, and securing employment. Topics range from assessing the labour market and specific sectors to accessing the hidden job market. The content blends a unique combination of knowledge, expertise and compassion that exemplifies the best counselors and career practitioners.

Numerous time-proven techniques for writing resumes and cover letters have been compiled. Persuasive methods include using action verbs and branding as well as techniques for completing an application form and creating an eye-catching, “scannable” resume. Verbal and non-verbal communication skills are developed for job and informational interviews.

New technologies bring a new set of protocols for online communications and submissions. Internet strategies range from “how to survive in a resume databank” to “internet key word choices”.

ASPECT recognizes the need for innovative and current resource material, especially in the face of continuous change in Canada’s labour market.

Work Search Strategies Curriculum is used by:

  • Community-based trainers,
  • Career development practitioners,
  • High school career prep teachers,
  • Government agencies,
  • Financial aid workers and
  • Individual jobseekers.

Topics include:

  • Labour Market Information – terms, assessing your prospects
  • Preparation for Work Search – your values, planning your work life, goal clarification
  • Marketing Strategies – your brand, marketing yourself, networking, references
  • Verbal Communications – personal commercials, interviewing
  • Written Communications – networking cards, resumes, cover letters
  • New Technologies – Internet searching, emails, virtual interviews
  • The Offer and the Job – the offer, success at work, job retention
  • Supported Employment – strategies for persons with disabilities

Work Search Strategies


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