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Stories They Will Remember

Author: Rose Sloat, Darryl Doane
Format: Paperback/173 pgs
Date: 2005
SKU: HRD-258707


Stories They Will Remember

Product Description

Have you ever needed just the right story to drive home your message in a speech, presentation, training session or meeting? Then this book is for you.

Stories They Will Remember contains a collection of 40 powerful stories gathered by training and development specialists Rose Sloat and Darryl Doane over 30 years of personal and professional experiences.

It is written for trainers, consultants, motivational speakers, CEOs, department heads, supervisors, managers, teachers – anyone who wants to connect with audiences and leave a lasting impression.

Storytelling is a recognized and established tool to build recognition and ownership of “what is right” within an organization… increase the cohesiveness of teams… and touch the hearts of others. Yet many professionals don’t take full advantage of storytelling because they are unsure how to tell the right story at the right time.

In this practical book, the authors discuss each story and its various applications to help make it easy for you to select the best story for your situation. They also include guidelines for developing your own personal stories.

Each of the sections is organized as follows:

  • Applications – suggestions for using the story, including three key applications
  • The actual story
  • Other insights – questions, comments, ideas and food for thought designed to spur your creativity as you apply the story

Stories They Will Remember


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