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Phantom Groups – Virtual Flip-Charts (Digital Download)

Author: Lynda McKim
Format: PowerPoint Presentation
Date: 2013
SKU: CLPD-0060-1DL

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Phantom Groups – Virtual Flip-Charts (Digital Download)

Product Description

A lot of the learning about self in the course of a Personality Dimensions® workshop comes out of working with people with the same first colour preference in Brightened, or same colour, Groups. But what do you do when you don’t have representatives from a particular colour or when there are only one or two people with the same colour preference? That’s where Phantom Groups can be very helpful. Phantom Groups are, simply, sample representative flip-charts from previous groups.

The flip-charts selected to appear in Phantom Groups are reproductions of actual flip-charts created by Personality Dimensions® groups over an eight year period. They are typical representations, not tailored to any special groups, just as you would expect to be generated at an introductory workshop. The contents are an accurate reproduction of what each group contributed, using computer graphics to make them easier to read.

Phantom Groups – Virtual Flip-Charts (Digital Download)


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