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Personality Dimensions Manual (French Version)

Author: Lynda McKim
Format: Binder 104 pgs
Date: 2003
SKU: CLPD-0150-0

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Personality Dimensions Manual (French Version)

Product Description

The Personality Dimensions® Manual has the information you need to learn about the theory behind Personality Dimensions®.

This technical manual includes:

  • a synopsis of the Research and Validation Process supporting the Personality Dimensions® self-discovery model;
  • information on the Personality Dimensions® Picture cards, Dimensions cards, Traits and Characteristics Choices, Scoring My Personality Dimensions®, and the Introversion/Extraversion Quiz
  • detailed descriptions of the four Personality Dimensions® temperaments,

as well as information on presenting introductory and application sessions.

Personality Dimensions Manual (French Version)


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