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PD for Youth Foundations Facilitator Guide

Author: Emil Boychuk, Lynn Dennis
Format: USB 87 pgs
Date: 2019
SKU: CLPD-0073-0

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PD for Youth Foundations Facilitator Guide

Product Description

The PD for Youth Foundations Facilitator Guide walks facilitators through the complete workshop for youth aged 13 and up, and was designed especially for use in youth employment and / or career development settings. Unlike the classic materials, PD for Youth is tailored to suit the needs and experiences for this age group, encouraging them to explore their values, how they see themselves while learning, with their friends and family and in the world of work. Facilitators can adapt the content of this workshop guide to suit the direction and time frame that they need to work effectively with their youth group.

In addition to leading your participants through an introductory Personality Dimensions® workshop, this guide also walks you through a career building application workshop.

Activities include:
•   Identifying key strengths brought to the workplace by each colour
•   Preparing for an informational interview
•   Exploring job search methods

Handouts and PowerPoint presentation for both the introductory session as well as the career building workshop are also included on the USB drive.

PD for Youth Foundations Facilitator Guide


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