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Employee Screening Questionnaire-2 (ESQ2)

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Employee Screening Questionnaire-2 (ESQ2)

Product Description

Best For:

  • HR professionals and organizations looking for a valid and reliable integrity test for hiring purposes
  • Managers and HR practitioners who are looking for brief selection test with clear and simple results to help them hire only the most dependable and honest employees
  • Pre-employment testing in retail, health care, clerical, industrial, service, personal care, manufacturing, transportation, and hospitality industries

What is the ESQ2? The Employee Screening Questionnaire-2 (ESQ2) identifies top candidates early in the hiring process. It is a personality-based assessment that measures a number of specific characteristics that have been found to be associated with productive, dependable employees. An advantage of the ESQ2 is its forced-choice structure that significantly reduces applicants’ ability to “fake good.” Why Should I Use the ESQ2? LOWER HIRING COSTS. The ESQ2 is one of the simplest ways to lower hiring costs and take pressure off your over-extended recruiting team. Clients using the ESQ2 pre-employment selection test have experienced dramatic cost savings through reducing: cost per hire by over 67%; theft by over 80%; turnover by over 50%; and workplace injuries by 13%. ACCURATE. The ESQ2 is a reliable and valid predictor of counterproductive and positive work behaviors. Research indicates that when used properly, the ESQ2 outperforms the average job interview, references, grades, interests, and several other criteria for predicting employee behavior. In fact, it is potentially the best, most effective predictor of integrity and dependability. TWICE AS POWERFUL. With traditional assessments, people are often able to significantly inflate their scores or “fake good”. Faking good compromises other assessments’ validity, resulting in less productive, more delinquent workers passing the hurdle. The ESQ2 is unique in that it is inherently resistant to faking. Relative to traditional response formats, the ESQ2’s forced choice format is twice as powerful in predicting counterproductive work behaviors. SUPERIOR DEVELOPMENT. The ESQ2 leverages decades of research on personality and work performance. It is based on and uses the best and most relevant items from three well-known and thoroughly researched personality measures: the Personality Research Form (PRF)Jackson Personality Inventory – Revised (JPI-R), and the Six Factor Personality Questionnaire (SFPQ).

Administration Overview
Qualification Level: A
Administer to: 16 years old and older
Administration time: 15 minutes

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Employee Screening Questionnaire-2 (ESQ2)


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