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Emotional Intelligence Profile Participant Workbook

Author: Jon Warner
Format: Paperback

1 – 14:   $27.95 each
15 – 49:   $26.95 each
50 – 99:   $24.95 each
100 +:   $23.95 each


Emotional Intelligence Profile Participant Workbook

Product Description

Trainers use this Participant Coursebook with the Emotional Intelligence Profile Facilitator’s Manual to provide key background information on concepts to supervisors. This  coursebook supports a short workshop to facilitate scoring and interpretation of the assessment while also providing worksheets for up to 15 experiential exercises.

Use this Participant Coursebook to guide participants through your Emotional Intelligence Profile workshop. Managers and supervisors are provided key summary points of emphasis they can take away for later review.

Emotional Intelligence Profile Participant Workbook


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