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Dealing with Conflict Facilitator’s Guide

Author: Alexander Hiam
Format: Binder w/CD
Date: 2017
SKU: HRD-255058


Dealing with Conflict Facilitator’s Guide

Product Description

This flexible instructor’s assessment guide provides everything a trainer needs to lead a compelling conflict resolution workshop.  With extremely little prep time, you can effectively lead a conflict resolution workshop and there are no complicated programs to learn or costly and time consuming certifications required.  Training can range 2 hours to a full day according to your needs.  There are individual modules on exploring conflict, understanding different conflict resolution styles, which style to use, improving your conflict management and advanced techniques for competition and collaboration.

The Leaders Guide covers the following:

  • Administration, scoring, and background of the Dealing with Conflict Instrument.
  • Module 1 explores the high costs of organization conflict and the importance of adopting a negotiating posture to resolve most business conflict.
  • Module 2 covers the importance of understanding your dominant conflict style as your default style when under the pressures that conflict often exerts.
  • Module 3 explains the two motivating forces that often determine an individuals approach to conflict: Concern for the outcome & Concern for the relationship. Participants learn to make situational decisions.
  • Module 4 covers measuring and improving your conflict IQ and how to improve how you resolve conflict.
  • Module 5 teaches advanced negotiating skills useful with the collaboration and compete styles of conflict resolution and includes best practices for trust building, listening, creative thinking, and anger management.

The Dealing with Conflict workshop lessons are interspersed with experiential learning activities and discussions. Participants stay actively involved and use the Dealing with Conflict Participant Booklet for activities and exercises. The modular format of the Leaders Guide enables trainers to easily modify or exclude content as preferred. Leaders Guide materials include an extensive PowerPoint slideshow for all five learning modules.

Dealing with Conflict Facilitator’s Guide


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