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Coaching Effectiveness Profile Facilitator’s Guide

Author: Jon Warner
Format: Binder w/CD


Coaching Effectiveness Profile Facilitator’s Guide

Product Description

This Facilitators Guide enables a trainer to lead a half-day workshop administering, scoring, and interpreting, the Coaching Effectiveness Profile. Includes templates for development planning and 84 sets of coaching tips.

Section 1 of the Facilitator’s Guide provides an introduction to coaching that can be used as a lecture primer in conjunction with a group exercise to introduce the topic. There are timing guidelines for the workshop and instructions on administering the assessment. The next 7 parts are short primers on each coaching competency covering a more detailed definition of the competency including a process model of the skill. There are experiential exercises with facilitator notes and handout copy masters wherever appropriate.

Section 2 of the Facilitators Guide includes 84 sets of coaching tips, (12 per competency), designed to direct development for low scorers of each individual item (behaviour) on the questionnaire. Each set of coaching tips expands the context of the behaviour and provides several alternative best practices that can be used on-the-job to develop a specific skill.

There is a Personal Action Plan template and a Contract for Change that participants also get in either their assessment booklet or online report of results.

Coaching Effectiveness Profile Facilitator’s Guide


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