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50 Activities for Conflict Resolution

Author: Jonamay Lambert & Selma Myers
Format: Binder – 300pgs
SKU: HRD-254983


50 Activities for Conflict Resolution

Product Description

One of our bestsellers, this is a collection of excellent reproducible conflict resolution activities that assist individual’s in determining their conflict resolution style, determine the role conflict plays in the workplace, improve interpersonal communication in the workplace, help individuals overcome concerns about conflict and various ways of resolving the related issues. Quantity discounted pricing.
This collection of conflict resolution activities, self-assessments, and exercises is especially useful as a resource to introduce the issue of conflict and its resolution as a part of workshops on management, leadership, communication, negotiation, and diversity.

The book is fully reproducible and flexibly organized into two sections. Part One includes twenty-five interactive group learning activities to explore conflict and provide practice in skills that help to resolve it. Part Two consists of twenty-five individualized exercises and assessments that are ideal for pre-work prior to group training sessions, or they can be distributed to participants for their own self-development. All of the conflict resolution activities and assessments are reproducible and include participant materials and notes for the instructor.

50 Activities for Conflict Resolution


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