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If you’ve been in touch with the office lately, you will know that chances are you’ll connect with one of two people, Brad Whitehorn or Tref Alun. Both Brad and Tref are integral members of the CLSR team and have taken on many more and varied responsibilities over the past several years.

Brad joined CLSR in 2005 and Tref has been part of the team since we moved to Aurora in 2016. And, as you probably are aware, we’re pretty casual around here and haven’t really paid much attention to job titles – beyond the general description of “doer of all things” which actually is very appropriate in this situation. However, this oversight has been a disservice to these two creative, dedicated and very hard-working individuals, an oversight that I am happy to say has been corrected. It is my real pleasure to announce that effective June 1st, Brad is now, officially, Associate Director of CLSR and Tref is the CLSR Operations Manager.

I know that both Brad and Tref will make sure that CLSR continues to grow, evolve and respond to help you meet the needs of your clients. Congratulations, Brad and Tref. And, In case you were wondering, I’m not going anywhere yet, I’m still kicking around! Just not in the office as often as I was before.

Yours, from the back office… or the backyard…

Onward and upward ~