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Values & Skills Worksheet

The team at CLSR Inc. is excited to announce the release of the latest addition to the suite of career development resources from The Winnipeg Transition Centre, the Values & Skills Worksheet. Designed to accompany the Values and Skills Assessment Cards, an innovative tool created to help individuals identify their strengths and values, and align them with their career goals, ultimately leading to greater job satisfaction and fulfillment.

The Values and Skills Assessment Cards consists of 53 double-sided cards plus 3 category sort cards, one side identifies Skills that are sorted under: Like to Do; Would Like to Learn; and Don’t Like to Do categories; the reverse side identifies Vales that are sorted under: Strongly Value; Value at Times; and Don’t Value. By completing the exercise, individuals gain clarity on what they excel at and what they enjoy doing in their work, and will get a clearer understanding of what motivates them and what they need in their work environment to feel fulfilled and engaged.

The card deck is suitable for individuals at any stage of their career, from post-secondary students and recent graduates to mid-career professionals and those nearing retirement. The Values and Skills Assessment Cards can be used by individuals, career coaches, and organizations to facilitate discussions and workshops around career development in a variety of settings.

The Values and Skills Assessment Cards, and all new Values & Skills Worksheet is available for purchase at clsr.ca. While you’re ordering a set of the Values and Skills Worksheets, check out the other great workbooks and online assessments from The Winnipeg Transition Centre.