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Kate JonesIt is a sad day for the CLSR family today; it is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of Kate Jones.  Kate was an amazing person that touched the lives of many individuals, and was many things to many people; trainer, author, editor, coach; but most important, she was our friend.

Kate together with her husband Wayne have been continuous supporters of us over the years. Their contributions have been valuable in making Personality Dimensions what it is today.  Kate was always up for a new project and tackling new challenges.

There was no such thing as a quick phone call or visit with Kate, but for good reason. Her upbeat personality and positivity was no short of amazing, and you would just want to keep talking. Conversations that started out as business would turn into conversations about family adventures, until she would eventually say “we should probably get back to business.”  While we’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Kate and Wayne’s children and grandchildren, we feel like we already know them. Kate was also their greatest cheerleader and so proud of their accomplishments.

In honour of Kate, go out today and do something positive; be someone’s cheerleader and don’t be afraid to take on a new challenge.

Kate’s family is planning a celebration of life in the near future.