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BESI5eThe Barriers to Employment Success Inventory (BESI) is one of our best-selling assessments, and for good reason. It gives your clients a quick and easy way to identify the hurdles and obstacles that stand in the way of job success.  While it only takes about 20 minutes to complete, the BESI not only helps your clients conduct a more effective job search, it also helps them be more successful on the job.

What could make this incredibly useful assessment even better?  A new-improved edition!  Coming in late August 2018, the Barriers to Employment Success Inventory (BESI), 5th Edition includes a number of changes to improve your clients’ experience, including:

  • In Step 1, items were updated to be less redundant, more reflective of today’s workplace, and more representative of each of the five barrier categories. In addition, the term “barriers” was replaced by the term “concerns” to better represent the items in each section. As well, new highlighted lead-in phrases like “What is my current level of concern about” were added to provide your clients with a framework for understanding the context of each item.
  • In Step 2, the profile instructions were changed to simplify the scoring. (Who doesn’t like easier scoring!?) Similar items were grouped so that they could be scored together, rather than recalculated multiple times.
  • In Step 4, additional actions were added so your clients are better able to develop strategies for addressing and overcoming any barriers to employment success. As well, the Helpful Resources section was taken out and moved to the FREE administrator’s guide so Career Development Practitioners have the opportunity to verify the URLs before recommending them.
  • In Step 5, your clients now identify achievable goals and list concrete steps for how to get there.
  • The 5th Edition is now 8 pages, instead of 6 to make room for more and updated references.
  • Means and standard deviations were added to the FREE Administrator’s Guide for both men and women.

If you’re in the middle of a program using the 4th edition of the BESI, and need more, we’ve got you covered!  We still have some stock available for the time being.  Just let one of our customer service people know which edition you want when you’re placing your order.  Want to have a sneak peak at the new FREE Administrator’s Guide?  Let us know, and we can email you a copy.