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Work Readiness Inventory (WRI)

Author: Robert P. Brady, Ed.D.
Format: Package of 25, 8.5″ X 11″, 4-panel foldout
Date: 2010
SKU: JST-577674

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Work Readiness Inventory (WRI)

Product Description

Employers want to hire individuals who are work ready. People who are work ready have the basic skills, attitudes, and knowledge required in nearly every job. Today’s job market calls for workers who are responsible and adaptable, who have basic skills (such as reading and writing), who understand how to communicate and interact with others, who follow rules and health and safety requirements, and who are self-motivated and self-confident. However, employers find that more and more applicants and new hires are not work ready. As a consequence, more and more programs are created to train new workers.

Identifying areas of concern is often the first step in helping an individual become work ready. The Work Readiness Inventory (WRI) does just that. It is an assessment designed to help workers recognize and address the demands of the workplace by identifying their readiness concerns or areas of weakness. Research shows that readiness assessments can also assist in the career planning and decision making process, leading to more informed choices.

This 36 item self-report identifies levels of concern in six areas crucial to work readiness: Responsibility, Flexibility, Skills, Communication, Self View, and Health and Safety. Self-scoring and self-interpreting, the assessment comes with a worksheet for improving one’s work readiness and takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and score. Ideal as an intake assessment or as a pre-test/post-test, the WRI can help coaches, counselors, and administrators quickly assess an individual’s overall work readiness and identify those barriers and concerns requiring additional training and attention.

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Work Readiness Inventory (WRI)


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