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Six Factor Personality Questionnaire (SFPQ)

Format: Online. 11 page report

Price: $27.00 each

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Six Factor Personality Questionnaire (SFPQ)

Product Description

Best For:

  • Counselors seeking information on clients’ broad personality traits based on the Five-Factor model of personality
  • Psychologists looking for a comprehensive model of Conscientiousness to include in a selection battery
  • Online administration and basic report for easy interpretation

What is the SFPQ?

The Six Factor Personality Questionnaire (SFPQ) is a brief, cost-effective personality assessment that measures 6 broad dimensions and 18 facets of normal personality. The SFPQ is unique in that it encompasses and extends the popular Big 5 factors of personality with an improved model of Conscientiousness. The SFPQ consists of 108 items and can be used to assess the full range of normal personality, select employees with the optimal personality profile for the role, assist with counseling and career guidance, understand working relationships and team dynamics, conduct research in a wide variety of contexts; and develop self-awareness.

Why Should I Use the SFPQ?

IMPROVED MODEL OF PERSONALITY. Industriousness and Methodicalness are two distinct, but related facets of Conscientiousness that account for unique nuances in the prediction of certain behaviors and performance. The SFPQ capitalizes on this distinction to provide clarity and accuracy in personality prediction. The SFPQ improves upon other measures of personality as it avoids the use of clinical scales such as Neuroticism, making it appropriate for personnel selection.

CONVENIENT. The SFPQ can be administered in 20 minutes on SIGMA’s online platform – SigmaTesting.com. Reports are generated immediately. Results are presented using graphs, numbers, low trait descriptions, and score interpretations that are insightful and easy to understand.

SUPERIOR DEVELOPMENT. The SFPQ was developed using a modern construct-oriented approach and was derived from thousands of items comprising the original item pools of two highly-regarded measures of personality – the Personality Research Form (PRF) and the Jackson Personality Inventory (JPI). Items were carefully selected to minimize the influence of response bias that can significantly undermine the validity of test results. Unlike other popular measures, the SFPQ was designed to reduce the effects of social desirability response bias (tendency to present oneself in a favorable light).

RELIABLE AND VALID. The SFPQ is a reliable and valid measure of normal personality. Research supports this 6 factor model of personality and indicates the SFPQ has greater predictive power than traditional Big 5 measures. The SFPQ has received an exceptionally positive review from the Buros Mental Measurements Yearbook (2000). Test norms are based on a sample of 1067 adults. Summary statistics based on a sample of 4040 job applicants are also described in the manual.

Administration Overview

Qualification Level: B
Administer to: 18 years old and older
Administration time: 20 minutes

Six Factor Personality Questionnaire (SFPQ)


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