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Job Search Attitude Inventory, 5th Edition (JSAI)

Author: John J. Liptak, Ed.D.
Format: 6 panel foldout pkg/25
Date: 2015
SKU: JST-579821

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Job Search Attitude Inventory, 5th Edition (JSAI)

Product Description

The Job Search Attitude Inventory (JSAI) is a brief, 32-item inventory designed to make job seekers more aware of their self-directed and other-directed attitudes about their search for employment. It compares the inventory takers’ attitudes about the job search process with those of professional counsellors trained in teaching job search techniques. Responses to each of the attitude statements are made directly on the JSAI booklet. The JSAI is designed to be self-scored and self-interpreted. Statements represent five scales of self-directed job search attitudes. Step-by-step scoring instructions, a scoring profile, and information to interpret the profile results are included, as well as resources for more information and suggestions for improving one’s job search attitude and approach.

Dimensions Measured by the JSAI

Current theory indicates that there are many important factors to consider when helping people in the job search process. Perhaps the most important among these are the individual’s attitudes toward unemployment and searching for a job. The purpose of the JSAI is to provide individuals with an overall picture of their attitudes in relation to the job search process. The attitudes covered in the inventory are crucial to an effective job search campaign. They were identified after a thorough review of the literature, case studies, and interviews with unemployed adults. The five scales on the JSAI are as follows:

Luck vs. Planning: This scale shows how much people emphasize planning in a job search rather than relying on luck to find a job.

Uninvolved vs. Involved: This scale shows how involved people are in their search for a job, including learning new job search techniques and being willing to work hard at their job search.

Help from Others vs. Self-Help: This scale shows how much people depend on outside agencies for help in finding a job, rather than relying on themselves.

Passive vs. Active: This scale shows much control people think they have in searching for a job.

Pessimistic vs. Optimistic: This scale shows how optimistic people are in being able to find a job.


The JSAI has been shown to be effective in many applications and settings:

  • Outplacement counselling
  • Employment counselling
  • Job search assistance
  • Career counselling
  • Career development workshops
  • Rehabilitation counselling
  • Correctional counselling
  • School-to-work transition programs
  • College and university career planning centres

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Job Search Attitude Inventory, 5th Edition (JSAI)


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