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My Money Habitudes (2024)

Author: Syble Solomon
Format: Paperback/23pp
SKU: CONMON-119177


My Money Habitudes (2024)

Product Description

The newly revised My Money Habitudes Activity Workbook. It is the perfect workbook for practitioners hosting individual or group workshops. Use the workbook to provide a spot for participants to record their Money Habitudes results and interpretations.

Loaded with great activities for individuals to use with all the Money Habitudes cards – teen through adult. Includes:

  • 12 pages of engaging activities
  • Pre-Money Habitudes-game activities and postgame reflections
  • Interpreting Money Habitudes assessment result activity
  • Money Habitudes yellow interpretation cards
  • Building and understanding your habitudes

Recommended for:

  • Individuals to work independently to get a comprehensive understanding of their relationship with money.
  • Group programs for participants to record their results and interpretations – which is particularly helpful if participants do not get to take their cards home.
  • Can be completed in a 1-hour session or used in multiple sessions.

My Money Habitudes (2024)


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