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COPS-PIC Summary Guide

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COPS-PIC Summary Guide

Product Description

–  Range: Elementary through High School, and Adult
–  Length: 168 items
–  Norms: Grades 7 – 12 and adult
–  Administration Time:
–  COPS-PIC (interests) – 30 Minutes
–  CAPS (abilities) – 50 Minutes
–  COPES (values) – 30 Minutes
–  Scoring Options:  –  Self-scoring in 45-60 minutes to score all three assessments

–  You will also need:
–  COPS-PIC Combined Test Booklet and Answer Sheet
–  COPS- PIC Hand Scoring Keys
–  COPS-PIC Manual for instructions on how to utilize the Hand-Scoring Key
–  CAPS Self-Scoring Booklet
and / or
–  COPES Self-Scoring Booklet

The COPS-PIC Summary Guide is used to plot the combined results when using two or more of the COPS-PIC, CAPS and COPES assessments with a single participant. It combines the participants interests, abilities and values. Interpretation of these measures is organized around an easy-to-use group of occupational clusters which represent possible jobs. Results correspond to major sources of occupational information, related activities, skills needed, college majors, school planning, and available training programs.

COPS-PIC Summary Guide


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