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Career Priorities Profile, 3rd Edition (CPP)

Author: Lynn R. Dowd, Ed.S., CVE
Format: 6 panel foldout pkg/25
Date: 2017
SKU: JST-322431

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Career Priorities Profile, 3rd Edition (CPP)

Product Description

The CPP provides a structured method for career exploration that leads individuals to identify whether their chosen careers are compatible with their personal and work priorities. The CPP contains steps in which individuals gather information about their preferences in regard to work, prioritize them, and relate those priorities to their careers of interest. The final step of the CPP involves an analysis of the information gathered and goal planning. The CPP is intended to stimulate discussion between career decision-makers and the professionals working with them on specific career choices and the relative advantages and disadvantages of each.

The CPP aids in identifying potential conflicts enables active planning and facilitates an informed career choice.

The CPP is designed for all career decision-makers but is particularly helpful for people who have to change jobs or careers due to the onset of a disability or a change in life circumstances. The CPP has proven to be helpful to a variety of individuals who are in the process of making life decisions about their long-term career paths or more-immediate job placement decisions. It has been used by:

  • Individuals with disabilities
  • Injured workers
  • Social Service recipients
  • Displaced workers
  • Individuals served by outplacement agencies
  • Veterans
  • Parents in career re-entry after raising a family
  • Ex-offenders
  • Individuals in Job Corp or Workforce Development Programs
  • Transitioning Youth
  • Students in Career Research & Development Classes
  • High school and college students who are undecided about career paths or majors


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Career Priorities Profile, 3rd Edition (CPP)


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